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4 February 2013

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The Last Supper
9 June 2007

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20 May 2007

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Play Zone Begins
14 May 2007

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17 January 2007

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Canadian Beaver
23 December 2006

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Daily Beverage
29 April 2006

Recent Comments

Lewis on Bad Hair Day
I like the wild look )

Lewis on Working On The Costume
Fantastic moment caught, great photo.

Existence Artistique on Working On The Costume
belle coiffe

Ruthiebear on Working On The Costume
Fabulous story telling image

Shaun on Working On The Costume
I think a pin went in the wrong place. A superb image. 5*

beach on Working On The Costume
I love her expression. And with the ruffle up in the air, it's like something really unexpected has happened. ...

Dimitrios on Working On The Costume
pure FUN frame, BRAVO

Hiro on Working On The Costume
I don't know why she opens her mouth so wide, but anyway, I like her expression !

Martine Libouton on Working On The Costume
Très belle prise!

Devi on Working On The Costume
lovely expression on this beautiful face !!!! Love that blue bug she has in her right hand .

Steven on Bad Hair Day
Gorgeous colors and a great DoF!!! I love your title.

Ruthiebear on Bad Hair Day
Stunning color and impact

Existence Artistique on Bad Hair Day
c'est du bon travail

Devi on Bad Hair Day
But still looks beautiful...though disshovelled :)))

Martine Libouton on Bad Hair Day
Très belle ta photo !

Hiro on Bad Hair Day
Where is a comb ?

Ronnie 2¢ on Bad Hair Day
. . ah, but still wonderful intensity !

Lewis on Hanging Basket
I have never seen a hanging basket in a hedge before, but this works really well with the border flowers, lovely colour ...

Existence Artistique on Hanging Basket
bien cette végétation

Ruthiebear on Hanging Basket
A stunning view of this garden wall of blooms

Steven on Hanging Basket
Such beautiful colors that fill this frame nicely!! Great textures and light as well.

Martine Libouton on Hanging Basket
C'est beau !

omid on Hanging Basket
:) such beautiful colors & lights! Lovely flowers!

Ronnie 2¢ on Hanging Basket
What a wonderful living intensity . .

jpla on Hanging Basket
Excellent JP

Lewis on Hanging Litter
I say why not :)

Lewis on Climbing
She seems to enjoy hiking a lot, great smile !!!

Ruthiebear on Hanging Litter
I always ask myself why, when I see things like this. Well captured.

Shaun on Hanging Litter
A very nice old English Brew originally from Somerset.

Existence Artistique on Hanging Litter

Ronnie 2¢ on Hanging Litter
' It's art. Jim, but not as we know it '

Martine Libouton on Hanging Litter
Pollution annoncée !!!

omid on Hanging Litter
:)(: such beautiful composition, focus, DOF & colors! Amazing!

jpla on Hanging Litter
Stongbow donne aussi des ailes ? JP

Devi on Hanging Litter
Aw!! All over the world it is the same !!! May be we should console ourselves saying with wonder, "Wow !! What ...

Shaun on Climbing
A superb portrait, wonderful smile.

Devi on Climbing
LOvely portrait !! Hope she is almost at the top!

omid on Looking Up
L O V E L Y !!!

omid on Liftoff
such beautiful composition, focus, DOF & colors! Lovely flowers!

omid on Climbing
:) Lovely portrait!

Existence Artistique on Climbing
beau sourire

Hiro on Climbing
Nice smile ! Enjoy climbing !

jpla on Climbing
mais avec le sourire JP

Lewis on Looking Up
Nice to see the way and direction on growth.

Lewis on Liftoff
It looks like they could !

Ruthiebear on Liftoff
I like the composition with one in focus.

Dimitrios on Liftoff

Devi on Liftoff
Lovely capture !!!!!

Hiro on Liftoff
Beautifully captured !!

Martine Libouton on Liftoff
Une très belle macro !

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