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4 February 2013

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The Last Supper
9 June 2007

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20 May 2007

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Play Zone Begins
14 May 2007

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17 January 2007

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Canadian Beaver
23 December 2006

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Daily Beverage
29 April 2006

Recent Comments

Steven on Barn
Another great vintage shot where nothing present in the frame dates this photo (i.e., cars, antennae, etc.)!!

omid on Barn
such beautiful composition & lights! Lovely farm!

franz on Barn
This barn definitely dominates the frame, as the black bull does with the foreground!

Phil Morris on Barn
I miss scenes like this since I left the farm.

Nicou on Barn
Quelle ferme et vue quelles vaches et iamge fantastique compo. amitié

Ruthiebear on Barn
I like the deep contrasts

Hiro on Barn
Beautifully done

L'Angevine on Bunkhouse
bonne composition

jpla on Barn
Elles peuvent enfin sortir JP

Harry on Bunkhouse
This has a real vintage feel.

Ana Lúcia on Bunkhouse
B/W is a right choice in this shot.

Steven on Bunkhouse
I love the vintage appeal that you've given this shot!! And it's emphasized with no "modern" items ...

franz on Bunkhouse
A fine example of the 'simple life' which wasn't simple at all ... The black-and-white tonality and the ...

Ruthiebear on Bunkhouse
I like the rustic feel of this.

beach on Bunkhouse
Love this rural shot.

omid on Bunkhouse
such beautiful composition & lights!

Lewis on Bunkhouse
Very nice landscape photo in b/w, makes the house stand out beautifully.

Lewis on Water Birch
Educating the hikers )

Lewis on Simpler Technology
Great shot, technology has evolved since

L'Angevine on Water Birch
bon travail

Claudine/canelle on Bunkhouse
Très belle prise de vue

Phil Morris on Bunkhouse
It could be 100 years ago, beautiful photo !

Nicou on Bunkhouse
Avec les vaches en noir quelle maison blanche qui ressort sueprbe. amitié

Steven on Water Birch
I always did wonder what kind of grass that was. ;-)

Ruthiebear on Water Birch
Nicely framed and focused

Nicou on Water Birch
De l'eau et quelle pancarte sueprbe ocmpo amitié

B. Thomas on Water Birch
So now we know. ;-)

omid on Water Birch
such beautiful frame, focus, colors & details! Amazing!

L'Angevine on Simpler Technology

jpla on Water Birch
Bien vu JP

Phil Morris on Water Birch
Great contrast and colour !~

Claudine/canelle on Water Birch
On moins on sait ce que c'est ..bonne idée !

Devi on Water Birch
nice of the people to label this !! Beautiful !!!

omid on Simpler Technology
:) such beautiful frame, focus, lights & details! Amazing!

Steven on Simpler Technology
Phil took my words away when seeing how clean this was!! Great tones and contrasts!! And when's the last time ...

Ruthiebear on Simpler Technology
A nice reminder of simpler days. Now everything is complicated by computers.

franz on Simpler Technology
Excellent! A poignant reminder of the times when one could fix things without the help of computers ...

ceteceva on Cattle Pens
Gros nuages menaçants au-dessus de ce beau paysage !

ceteceva on Five Years Ago
Bel agencement des formes et j'aime la brillance de la neige et de la carrosserie !

Hiro on Simpler Technology
nice close up shot

Devi on Simpler Technology
Straightforward and simple :)))

Ronnie 2¢ on Simpler Technology
Ah, yes, a reminder of the days when we could 'see' how things worked !

L'Angevine on Blue

Claudine/canelle on Simpler Technology
Surtout ne pas se tromper de fils... Belle poto

Wayra on Simpler Technology
Twin spark!!!

Phil Morris on Simpler Technology
It also looks very clean and interesting !

franz on Cattle Pens
Dramatic rendition of an enchanting landscape.

franz on Five Years Ago
A gorgeous abstract (almost) and a most interesting documentary!

franz on Preparing To Fly Away
Magnificent portrait of your heraldic bird, and a terrific presentation, too!

Lewis on Blue
Beautiful couple, lovely image of these swans.

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