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18 February 2018

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And The Band Played On
24 January 2017

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4 February 2013

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The Last Supper
9 June 2007

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20 May 2007

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Play Zone Begins
14 May 2007

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17 January 2007

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Canadian Beaver
23 December 2006

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Daily Beverage
29 April 2006

Recent Comments

Ruthiebear on Rebar
I like the composition and framing. The focus really brings attention to the textures

Nicou on Rebar
Un en rouille et le deux autre un avec ces formes quelle vue génail Belle soirée

franz on Rebar
Amazing what the alert eye of the photographer can detect! Amazing details, too, in a very pleasing compo!

Lewis on Do You Measure Up?
No use to anyone anymore.

Lewis on Rebar
Interesting shapes and textures on the vertical poles.

Jaya on Slow
smart frame, wonderful !

Existence Artistique on Rebar
bien ces fers

Martine Libouton on Rebar
Très beaux détails!

Ronnie 2¢ on Rebar
Choices, choices . .

Michael Skorulski on Rebar
A fine composition. You have added the rebar to a splendid background.

Devi on Rebar
Different types of bars / pillars here..Interesting indeed!

Jypyä Pop on Rebar

Steven on Do You Measure Up?
Splendid clarity and light captured here! Makes me wonder what those increments are. :-)

Ruthiebear on Do You Measure Up?
I like the title. The textures and light are lovely

franz on Do You Measure Up?
Cool component with the broken measuring stick, but I'd hate to answer the question ...

Martine Libouton on Do You Measure Up?
J'aime ce détail !

Existence Artistique on Do You Measure Up?
on mesure la pierre selon son humeur

Claudine/canelle on Do You Measure Up?
Bravo pour cette composition Bonne journée

Nicou on Do You Measure Up?
Quelle mesure et graduage et cette partie sans chiffre superbe. amitié

Devi on Do You Measure Up?
I would rather spend my time picking some of those pebbles ! They look beautiful :)

Michael Skorulski on Do You Measure Up?
I've heard that length doesn't matter. Very thought provoking.

Jypyä Pop on Do You Measure Up?
The beginning is immeasurable and the end ... well, time seems ...

Jypyä Pop on Icicle

sherri on Do You Measure Up?
No, i measure down : - ) never seen a measuring stick like this

B. Thomas on Icicle
Interesting close up of this ice.

Steven on Slow
A commanding PoV captured here!! Congratulations on your well-deserved Spotlight!

Devi on Icicle
Lovely !!!

Steven on Icicle
Splendid textures captured in the beautiful sunlight!! A great find!

Ruthiebear on Icicle
How different it looks this close up. Amazing view

Existence Artistique on Icicle

franz on Icicle
Terrific stark and minimalist!

Martine Libouton on Icicle
Impressionnante cette glace!

Nicou on Icicle
le petit et le grand quels glaçon et vue quel rendu et vue superbe. amitié

Ehsan Hemmati on Slow

Le Krop on Slow
Congrats !

Lewis on Icicle
That is a thick one!

Lewis on Above The Trees
A great mural of stencilled trees and lighthouse.

Lewis on Freight Car Wheels
Nice light on this lot and I like the scribbling.

Lewis on Slow
Congratulations !

Michael Skorulski on Icicle
It has a jewelled loveliness.

Elaine Hancock on Above The Trees
It looks like a UFO is about to land! A great find! I love the texture.

sherri on Above The Trees
i seriously love that style of artwork very childlike, yet actually quite accomplished

Steven on Above The Trees
Beautiful patterns captured in these textures!!

Martine Libouton on Slow
Bravo pour ce superbe spotlight

Daniel on Slow
nice perspective

B. Thomas on Above The Trees
Cool textures and art.

Ruthiebear on Above The Trees
Love the texture. The artwork is delightful. A beautiful photo.

Mireille T. on Slow
Congratulations on your spotlight!!!

Nicou on Above The Trees
Quel rendu et vue quel dessin ce vert et rouge superbe amitié

Existence Artistique on Above The Trees

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